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How to buy a personalised registration number for your vehicle in Mauritius


Jul 2, 2020

The process of purchasing a new personalised / cherished registration for your vehicle can be quite lengthy and complicated in Mauritius.

If you are purchasing your vehicle from a dealer, it wouldn’t be much of a hassle as the registration and process is done by the car dealer.

It only becomes an issue if you have to do it yourself as I must admit that it is not a straight forward process.

This article will guide you through the steps in order to obtain your personalized number plate in Mauritius.

First of all, you need to log onto the NTA (NTLA) Website to purchase your personalized number plate. The new Registration marks currently being issued by the NTA (NTLA) comprises of additional new combinations of two letters from FN up to ZZ followed by four numeric figures from 1 to 1000.

You can reserve a personalized vehicle registration number against a payment of Rs 2,000. The registration number will be reserved for a period of one year and will automatically be discarded with full payment is not made within the one year period.

The purchase cost is Rs 25,000 and payment can only be made online via credit card / debit card. Please note that reservation cost is NOT deducted from the purchase cost; Therefore I would suggest that you make full payment without reserving.

Here are the Steps to purchase your personalized vehicle registration number:

1.    First of all, you will need to create a new account (if you don’t already have one) on the Mauritius Government Portal – https://www.govmu.org/English/Pages/SignUp.aspx

2.    Once account has been created and logged in, go to: https://www.govmu.org/English/E-Services/Pages/NTA-Registration-Mark.aspx

o    Search for your desired registration mark and make your payment– Submit your credit / debit card details (please make sure you call your bank before as some banks in Mauritius automatically block large payments to the government).

o    You will receive an email containing some information and a receipt to confirm payment – print off both the content of the email and the receipt.

o    You will now need to wait for 5 working days before you can attend the NTA office to collect your new Horsepower. In the interest of time, I would suggest that you have the plates made ready to be attached to your vehicle (N.B DO NOT fix the plates to your vehicle until you have completed the whole process).

o    Wait for 5 working days and attend the NTA office located in the Autocheck Examination station at Plaine Lauzan. ( make sure you get therefore 9am as it is on a first come first serve basis)

The Following documents are to be produced at the NTA office:

o    Copy of this email and receipt of payment.

o    Current Horsepower of vehicle (Also known as Logbook V5 in UK and ‘carte grise’ in France)

o    Proof of Identity (Original NIC or Passport). Photocopies will not be accepted.

o    Letter from leasing company if vehicle is on lease.

o    Business Registration Number (BRN) for Registered Company/Corporate Body

3.    You will be issued with the new Horsepower bearing the new personalized registration number. At this time, you will have 2 working days to change details on the insurance policy, fitness certificate (if applicable), and declaration (tax vignette) And it has to be done in a certain order.

4.    Your next step at this point is to get your insurance to issue you with a new insurance certificate & vignette with the new registration number.

5.    With the new insurance certificate and the new horsepower in hand, you can now attend the fitness centre at Plaine Lauzan or Forestside to have your fitness certificate changed. A variation of the fitness certificate will cost you Rs200. However you will need to bring the old fitness certificates with you. (you may skip this step if you vehicle is less than 7 years where fitness certificate is not applicable).

6.    Now you will need to attend the NTA Office (either in Cassis or Forest Side) to swap your declaration (tax vignette) with a new issued one. This is a free service but make sure your take the old vignette with you and all the other documents such as new insurance certificate, new horsepower and new fitness certificate.

That’s it, you are almost done.. You only need to fix the new plates to your vehicle and enjoy your ride. Hope this was helpful; please do not hesitate to leave your comments.

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  1. Hi to whom it may concern. I called at the nta but no one answered to my call. I would like to have some info about a personal plate number. I have purchased a car in 2014 – year 2003 with a private number on it. I will buy another car how can I transfer this num on my new car? Please

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  3. Morning i cant creat an account .its always return back to the User Name & password .
    Thank For Your Help

    Mobile : 54985637

  4. hello.
    i have reserved the a personalised registration mark and have paid Rs2000.
    i would want to purchase it online.
    can you please help hot to proceed?

    1. You have to login NTA gov account once more. You will see the registration number you have reserved in your account. Select and purchase it; you will have to pay Rs25000 using your credit card. Then print off the receipt as evidence. Hope this helps.

  5. Dear Sir
    I have called the number 8001555 regarding the connection issues to create an account but seems that they cannot help. Is there an email address where I can send this inquiry.
    Thank you.
    Jasmine J.

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