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Baie du Tombeau – The hidden Gem of Port-Louis, Mauritius


Jul 5, 2020

Baie du tombeau is a small village located by Jin Fei smart cities in the Pamplemousses district. The village is administered by the Baie-du-Tombeau Village Council under the aegis of the Pamplemousses District Council. According to a census made in 2011, the population of Baie du Tombeau (also known as Tombeau Bay) is at 14,687.

Below is a video of the best part of Baie du tombeau.

Baie du tombeau (Morcellement swan) and Residence CCC are prominent areas and estates of Baie du Tombeau with beautiful houses inhabited and owned by mainly Mauritians of Chinese origin, also known as Sino-Mauritians or Chinese Mauritians.

The area is also known for the Jinfei Smart City, a concept developed by the Chinese costing approximately 20 billions over a site area of 73.8 hectares. It comprises of numerous unique features like the Eden Garden Culture and Entertainment Square will feature a world class Wedding Theme Hall, cinemas, shopping malls, and offices.

The area is strategically situated not far from the capital city, the central plateau and the dynamic northern region that is Grand Bay.

Also situated in the area is Clinique du Nord, the Chinese Cultural House, Les cocotiers hotels and the renowned hotel and spa Port Chambly.

The local supermarket is Simla Way and Jumbo Riche Terre. Other businesses located in the area are Young Bros and Charcuterie Isle de France.

There is also a public beach at the end of Baie du tombeau named ‘le Goulet’ that is worth visiting.

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